Hey…didn’t you have a different name?

Haha, I am so bad at updating things that are not instantaneous like bad jokes on twitter and quick photos on instagram.

My apologies.

You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter, or instagram, or even here that I changed the name of all of them. I was going to publish (no, I have no news, get your heart back to normal pace) under my initials: K. A. Black, but decided that I didn’t want that anymore. Why? Well, to get into that we have to get into why I was going to use my initials to begin with.

So let’s start.

It all started when I was a wee teenager reading various things online and came across an article about She-Who-Is-A-Terrible-Person on why she published her very famous wizard books under her initials (fun fact, the K is made up, she has no middle name). It’s because she was writing a boy main character as a woman and readers, especially AMAB individuals, tended to shy away from reading authors that sound like a woman’s name in the SFF world. So, at a very young age, when I already knew I wanted to be an author, I too decided I would publish under my initials.

This lasted for a good, long while and I figured it was what would stick.

And then I got more involved in the writing community and saw more and more women (in all senses), and enbies (who are not women, but who at times still have what the general public think of as gendered names (that is a post within itself, but I digress)) publishing under their full names. They were being lauded too! Not condemned to the shadows by readers.

Basically, a lot had changed in almost twenty years. And I wanted to change to. I thought. Or maybe I didn’t?

If you are ever in a group chat or a close friend I talk to online my inane questions and concerns are probably an annoyance. Congrats, that’s what happens when you unlock friendship level ten. And so, to those who have unlocked friendship level ten I asked why they had chosen the names they had to publish under. The general consensus was that: they just did. It felt right.

Okay…then. As someone who has never had something just feel right it took me a few months to gnaw at the thought (this is a common occurrence. When I was considering cutting my hair short it took me months of telling friends at level ten that I wanted to and them going DO IT. JUST FUCKING DO IT (not direct quotes)).

I was also weirded/grossed/enraged that the person who led me to thinking I should use my initials turned out to be a terrible person that I was then linked to. So, after Worry Brain (yes, it’s still there all the time) wore itself out I finally just did it.

So that is all a long way to say, yes. I was K. A. Black. I am now Kimberly Black.

A quick note: If we are not close friends, please call me Kimberly. I have some auditory issues and Kim is hard for me to distinguish from Tim, Jim, etc. and I go by Kimberly in my professional circles. Thank you ❤

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